The Gas Turbine- Main Transformer Reaches the Sobadhanavi Project Site

Marking yet another significant milestone in the project, the 310 MVA Main Transformer reached the Port of Colombo on the 18th of February 2023. Initiating the second phase of the Heavy Equipment Transportation process, the equipment was successfully received at the construction site on the 20th of January 2023. The 220/20 kV Step-Up Transformer will be used in the Open Cycle Phase of the plant under the Gas Turbine operation, which is expected to supply the National Grid in the near future.
Similar to the first phase of the Heavy Equipment Transport process, the 185-ton cargo was barge-transported by the tugboat up to the temporary jetty erected at the outfall of the Hamilton Canal. The equipment was then land transported via a multi-axle low bed trailer from the jetty location to the site, via the Hendala-Hunupitiya road.
Simultaneously, the smaller capacity transformers comprising of the Unit Auxiliary transformers, Black Start Generator transformers and station transformers reached the project storage from the Port of Colombo via another guided road transportation process.

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