Powering Change


At LTL Holdings, we believe in making a positive impact on the world, which is why we are committed to our sustainability efforts. We have created an effective governance structure that safeguards our environmental and societal responsibilities while fulfilling shareholder return expectations. We continuously strive to enhance our existing practices by looking at areas for improvement.

Projects for Sustainability

We are dedicated to safeguarding our planet and conserving its resources, whilst being committed towards ensuring the energy security of people in our operating markets. We firmly believe that incorporating a sustainable business model and operational procedures are crucial to ensure our positive impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to fulfil our commitments to our employees, customers, suppliers, and the broader communities within the markets that we operate in. We are committed to ensuring that our business operations are conducted in a conducive manner which promotes social responsibility and inclusion.

Corporate Governance

We actively prioritise and implement a strong governance structure to ensure good governance practices, with the aim of steering us towards success in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment.