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Products and Services

Discover a comprehensive range of cutting-edge power and distribution transformers precisely designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and machinery. We go beyond products, offering a spectrum of after-sales services, from essential technical support to on-demand and on-site interventions for holistic electrical solutions that power your success. Our expertise extends to a wide range of electrical services, backed by dedicated support for seamless installation and pre-commissioning operations. holistic electrical solutions that power your success.

Oil filled transformers

Oil filled transformers designed and manufactured with adhere to international standards and can be customized for various fluids to align with your environmental goals.

Dry type transformers

When safety and environmental responsibility is a consideration, dry-type transformers emerge as the ideal choice. Discover cutting-edge technology that minimizes fire hazards and environmental contamination, setting new standards in power transmission.

Special transformers

Discover the potential of non-standard transformers designed for diverse electrical and mechanical applications throughout industries. Experience customized solutions that redefine power efficiency and performance.

Production Facility

Our manufacturing and production facilities, where precision meets innovation in transformer manufacturing and testing. With sophisticated machinery and apparatus, we excel in custom design, research, and quality assurance, ensuring a destination for your top-tier transformer needs. Trust in our testing excellence and commitment to quality for unmatched performance and reliability.


HV Winding machine

HV winding machine, from Tubloy-Astronic, Switzerland, automates the winding and boosting production while enhancing wire consistency and minimizing coil impairment risks.

GEORG core cutting machine

GEORG core cutting machine, crafted in Germany, is an automated high-speed marvel, known for its precision, low burr cutting, minimal scrap generation, and unwavering reliability producing transformers with reduced no-load losses, no-load current, and impressively low noise levels.

Low Frequency Heating Oven

Low-frequency heating oven, hailing from Hedrich, Germany, offers automated oil filling and precise pressure testing, expertly eliminating moisture from cellulose insulation resulting not only elevates transformer reliability and lifespan but also dramatically enhances process efficiency and accuracy.