Leading with Integrity

Corporate Governance

In our pursuit of maintaining a leading position in the competitive and ever-evolving business arena, we place great emphasis on the significance of a strong governance structure. By understanding its importance in weathering challenges and propelling our journey to success, we continuously strive to enhance and implement good governance practices throughout the LTL Group.

Strong Board Composition

LTL Holdings boasts a robust decision-making structure with a formidable Board of Directors at its helm, responsible for overseeing the operations of the entire LTL Group. The Board consists of accomplished and esteemed professionals from diverse fields such as engineering, finance, law, and business management.

This well-balanced blend of Executive, Non-Executive, and Independent directors adhere to the highest corporate governance standard, and play a crucial role in steering the overall decision-making process of the LTL Group.

Corporate Governance Board Sub Committees

LTL Holdings adheres to corporate governance best practices by establishing oversight through dedicated committees such as the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, and Related Party Transaction Review Committee. These committees closely monitor vital aspects of the business according to approved charters.

Highly Skilled Senior Management Team

Our business units are led by a proficient and seasoned senior management team with over 100+ years of combined experience in the power and energy sector. They possess extensive expertise in engineering, finance, legal, and business management, and have been instrumental in LTL Group’s growth and will continue to support its future expansion.

Strong Internal Controls and Operational Procedures

At LTL Group, comprehensive operational policies and procedures are implemented to facilitate effective decision-making and work execution. This commitment to maintaining high standards and professionalism across all business units is deeply ingrained in our work culture, particularly due to our role in supporting the growth of critical infrastructure in the markets we operate.

Other Sustainability

Projects for Sustainability

LTL Group is devoted to providing energy for markets while engaging in sustainability-related projects to protect the planet and its resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Holdings prioritizes CSR initiatives that promote social responsibility.