Galvanizing is essential to Sri Lanka as it is an island constantly exposed to the elements. Galvanizing is the process by which exposed steel or iron is coated with zinc for protection against rusting. LTL Galvanizers is the sole hot dip galvanizer in Sri Lanka. Employing state of the art German technology, the facility has a 7 meter long bath capable of galvanizing full length parts of transmission lines towers and telecom towers and has a production capacity of 100 MT per day.

The galvanizing facility has synergy with LTL Group’s other businesses such as its power plant, transmission line and substations construction. We have better control on product quality and an advantage over costs due to the internally available galvanizing facility. For example, all the steel structures of our recently concluded power plant project in Bangladesh were galvanized in this facility.

Galvanizing involves the following operations:

LTL provides design, fabrication, galvanizing and installation of

  • Power Transmission Towers
  • Telecommunication and Radio Towers.
  • Cellular Communication installations
  • Television Masts
  • Substation Structures
  • Antenna and feeder installations
  • Other Lattice Steel Structures
The towers, poles and structures manufactured by LTL are customized to the requirement of the client and strictly in compliance with international standards.

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