LTL Galvanizers

Galvanizing is the process by which exposed steel or iron is coated with zinc to protect it from the elements. In Sri Lanka this process has been perfected by LTL Galvanizers, part of the prestigious LTL Holdings (Pvt) Limited. Well trusted among many renowned and major industries in Sri Lanka, LTL has virtually served every infrastructure project implemented in the island. The company has garnered such repute that it has now started to tap into overseas clients.

From power to the telecommunication industry to ship repairing, LTL Galvanizers are trusted by all alike. Started in 1991, the well trained and dedicated staff has ensured complete customer satisfaction the world over. LTL Galvanizers owns and operates ultra-modern facilities both for galvanizing and for the designing and fabrication of steel towers and structures. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art plants and machinery from Germany and is regularly updated with the latest technologies. With computer controlled precision equipment, the steel fabrication done by the company supplies fabricated items for towers and structures used on major transmission towers, substation structures, pre-fabricated buildings, bridges, pre-engineered steel railings etc. LTL Galvanizers has internationally trained engineers and utilizes the latest software packages.

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LTL Transformers (Pvt) Limited

LTL Transformers (Pvt) Ltd, part of LTL Holdings, produces transformers that are well optimized ensuring that all LTL products meet the very highest international quality standards. The transformers produced by LTL Transformers are renowned for their high performance and proven reliability and are backed by a full range of after-sales services offered to all customers to ensure the reliability of the products.

LTL Transformers was established in 1982 with the aim of producing indigenous transformers – a joint venture of the Ceylon Electricity Board (the power utility of Sri Lanka) and European investors. The transformers produced were of excellent international quality and surpassed the domestic requirement; now about 50% of the production is exported. The company has an ongoing Technical Collaboration Agreement with ABB AS of Norway.

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