Innovation is something that we at LTL Holdings consider as of the upmost importance. We are always working towards bettering our existing products to make them even more efficient and sustainable. Our ventures have been trail blazers starting from our transformers - a first for Sri Lanka, to our galvanizing, to private thermal power, to the Substation/Tx Line construction. LTL has the rare ability to take on challenges and not only complete them but revolutionize them as well. This is aptly displayed through the supply chain of electricity starting from the generating of power, through high voltage transmission going to distribution to the final end consumer. LTL has earned the reputation and recognition of being a diversified infrastructure provider in the broad field of power engineering in Sri Lanka and other developing countries.

One of the key features of the products manufactured by LTL is that, wherever and whenever possible, the company uses local raw material. At present, LTL is researching the use of eco-friendly coconut oil, to replace the imported mineral oil currently used for the transformers. A good example of our innovative prowess is when we proposed the use of heavy fuel for operations at the Kerawalapitiyya Power Plant, despite even the CEB proposing the use of auto diesel. The use of heavy fuel currently saves the country approximately Rs. 17 billion annually.

Renewable energy development is a passion at LTL Holdings. We have invested in hydro, bio mass and wind projects to study the feasibility of alternate energy sources.

LTL Holdings always employs best business practices, which is evident with the superior quality of our products. In all our major operations we maintain the highest standards - from the quality to the environment to occupational health and safety. We conform to ISO standards with regards to Det Norske Veritas certified requirements and maintain streamlined project management that help us deliver our products, services and EPC contracts on time. We are synonymous with on-time delivery.

Adaptability is the key to our success

Adaptability is the key to our success – we cater to not only the Sri Lankan market but other Asian countries as well as Africa. The secret to our success is our study of local norms and cultures, which help us maintain a smooth client-contractor relationship.

We offer our clients the most competitive rates

We offer our clients the most competitive rates due to our ability to offer quality engineering services by our world-class engineers. We are able to deliver the best products and services at competitive rates, which is why we are the most trusted producers.

Minimum effects to the environment

One of the most important aspects of our business is that we take constant efforts to cause minimum effects to the environment as possible while executing our projects.

We uplift the quality of

Even with all our success we have never forgotten our basics. This is why we pay great attention towards humanitarianism and ensure that we uplift the quality of lives of the locals in the areas our projects are implemented. We go above and beyond contractual obligations to ensure that people of those areas prosper. That is our commitment.