LTL Transformers (Pvt) Limited

LTL Transformers (Pvt) Ltd, part of LTL Holdings, produces transformers that are well optimized ensuring that all LTL products meet the very highest international quality standards. The transformers produced by LTL Transformers are renowned for their high performance and proven reliability and are backed by a full range of after-sales services offered to all customers to ensure the reliability of the products.

LTL Transformers was established in 1982 with the aim of producing indigenous transformers – a joint venture of the Ceylon Electricity Board (the power utility of Sri Lanka) and European investors. The transformers produced were of excellent international quality and surpassed the domestic requirement; now about 50% of the production is exported. The company has an ongoing Technical Collaboration Agreement with ABB AS of Norway.

The company now produces a range of special transformers such as Earthing, Dual Ratio, Isolation, Auto, Rectifier Transformers, Switchgear Panels, Package Substations among a host of others. It is due to the detail and care given to quality and standards that LTL Transformers enjoys a 100% local market share as well as rapidly growing export orders.